Howard Mayhem Gaming desktop

Mayhem means–Game Won!

Mayhem is Havoc’s powerful gaming system that is as good for conquering virtual worlds as it is for video editing and a myriad of other graphic and data-intensive processes. Powered by Intel® Core processors, Havoc’s Mayhem features Intel’s Z-Series chipset, up to 128GB of RAM, NVMe Storage, and NVIDIA RTX Graphics. And, Mayhem is totally cool, both aesthetically and thermally, from bright, RGB LED lighting that can be set to dazzle the competition to liquid cooling and multiple cooling fans that ensure it stays as cool as it looks. Mayhem delivers all the speed and responsiveness you need for competitive gaming, now, and in future. How, you ask? Well, you are the key. Mayhem is designed so that you can upgrade easily. We mean: You can do it! And we’re here to help for the life of your unit. From esports to workloads or vice versa—Mayhem is the system that does double duty! So, rack up some raids and deal a little damage with the Mayhem gaming system from Havoc.
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