About HavocPC

At HavocPC, our mission is to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience. From custom-configured PC gaming systems to consoles, games, and parts, we’re your one-stop-shop for…enough already with the corporate lingo. 

For those Mon. – Fri. tie-wearing, corporate white-shirts:

Leave the tie at your J-O-B and revive your soul. Discover the benefits of wreaking some havoc. Who knows, that promotion and corner office may be just a game or two away once you understand the rules.

And to the rest of you:

Free yourself from the boundaries established by your boss, teacher, the man…whatever. Kick-back, escape reality, and define your own contingency plan.

Prepare to wreak HAVOC!

Rule #1: Participate, the fate of extreme gaming hinges on you.

While our eyes are honed on designing, obtaining, and offerings heart-pounding systems, consoles, and games, we recognize one simple fact: the fate of extreme gaming hinges on you. Your wants, needs, and demands. We have no interest in manufacturing board-room selected products that focus groups or marketing trends deem as sure-bets for success. We refer to that as the competition.

Rule #2: You, your time, and your feedback rule.

Surf our site. Check out our products. Let us know what strokes your adrenaline. You, your time, and feedback rule. But remember, to wreak havoc, you have to own it. So stop reading and take your first step towards havoc. Are you game?

Ok, for those of you still reading, we’ve established you don’t follow directions…so our marketing department brewed this last blurb just for you. HAVOCPC is a product from the brain-trust at Howard Computers. Our entire workforce is committed to excellence and is US-based. And we’re all real humans here. When you call us, you’ll never be transferred across any international datelines OR get one of those automated, “Press 1 for …” phone systems that as we all know just leave you hanging in limbo till you hang up. Nope, we’re different. Refer to rule #2 and tell your friends in case they stopped reading earlier. You’ll be like a HAVOCPC-psychic.
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